Yay you listened to my instructions!:P Tell me what's going on this summer with you...I mean I've only been grounded so far...but your life should be good?!? Hahaha, anyways...comment please:)
Heyy:) SO, I have completely RE-DESIGNED my website cuz we all know it needed some...up-to-date work:P I wanted to know if you KT's liked it?

KT's stands for Katie Time-rs. If you call yourself a KT, put your name as "KT" :) lol

Love you KT!<3!
Hey! I just went on a helicopter ride. I posted the pictures HERE!
Katie :D <3
Elitches is an awesome place, but it's falling apart! D: Rides are closing down, some people aren't friendly-nice, and I want to know what you think about it?!

Katie<3 :D
Hey! What do you think about the pics on the Photo Gallery page?
Hi! I was wondering how I could lose my voice? I need lots of ideas, please!!!:) As long as I don't hurt myself with your ideas, please make sure it's a safe idea! :0
Hey everybody! I was wondering what you wanted me to blog about? Funny things that happen at school, music, etc...? Please leave a comment!:)
    Hey! I just made a Twitter for Katie Time. Check it out!!!!!
    Hey everybody! I was wondering who you voted for the KCA favorite actor/actress, favorite sidekick, favorite show...?
What did you do for Thanksgiving? I hungout with family and had a ton of fun. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!