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11/12/2010 09:36:12 am

Hey Katie,

Just stopped by because I found you on the web while building my site, funny stuff on here, I like it. My site should be fully up over the next few days, By or before Nov. 15, 2010.

It's my advice, Idea's and thoughts on relationships. I studied and figured that relationships much like math each have their own variables and equations and if applied correctly, one could get as close to the solutions they desire as possible. I am a self taught relationship advisor, I have my own stats, interview couples/ people, and want to help others build the best possible relationships. I believe that since you only live once, who you spend it with matters SO MUCH and it should be with someone that loves you back the RIGHT way. It's free, I just like helping people, I study psych books for relationships too, so its like pro advice for free.

Stop by everyone when you get a chance, and I will post your site on my page somewhere too.

write me back with ideas with what I should add or what questions people may want answers to and I will post answers on my site.

again, Cool site, cute rabbit photo next to the guitar :-P


11/12/2010 09:38:10 am

Bthe way I forgot to type in the name, it's



11/15/2010 07:39:11 am

12/29/2010 08:39:39 am

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